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Greenfields Bowling Club

Bringing the community together

Greenfields Bowling Club is a friendly, safe and welcoming environment and the club is seen as the heart of the community. 

We often say that we are a catalyst to bring people together, our not-for-profit status ensures that we can invest in supporting our local community and this is something that we are all proud to contribute to.

We involve local community members in our committee decision making so that local people are closely connected to the club that is in the heart of the neighbourhood, we provide the ‘safe place’ for the local Primary School, the central local meeting place for groups and organisations and of course, a fully functioning and highly regarded Bowling Club.

Some of our community engagement projects include:

  • Junior Bowls Classes

  • Sunday Community Teas

  • Open Days for the local community

  • Slimming, exercise and wellness classes

  • Venue for local community group meetings and events


Our doors are always open to the local Greenfields community for events, meetings, open days, health classes, family celebrations and meetings. 

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